Bioptron Light Therapy System


This system can also be hired so ask Rachel for information - call 09 426 5424 or 0274863014


The Bioptron Light Therapy System supports the body to heal itself. It works on the cellular level assisting cells to increase energetic activity, which influences higher energy levels and enhanced regenerative processes. It regulates blood cells and the immune system, which is the key factor in tissue repair and healing. It is ideal for pain relief, muscle tension and muscle strains by stimulating natural endorphins. Use before and after intensive (sports) activities.

Bioptron Light within 4 minutes of still application penetrates 2,5 cm into the tissue.


Applying Bioptron Colour Therapy


Light and colour are intimately linked with human and animal well-being, The mind and body respond to the vibrational energies of colours in many ways

Colour Therapy supports vitality of life energy and thus self-healing powers of the body. It works on the energy field of the body, energy centers, energy pathways (meridians), reflexology zones, energy zones, acupuncture points. It supports and harmonizes body on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Colour is used by slowly moving the light unit with the colour filter over the area to be treated,

as opposed to keeping light stationary as when using Bioptron Light Therapy. Do not use hasty movements. Light should be always parallel to the surface area being treated.


Tuning into Horse needs for Colour


  • Let horse sniff each colour individually. Observe horse behavior and body language.
  • Horse will show preference for colour by moving towards the colour.
  • Run the colour down the spine from the wither towards the tail.