Physio For Horses
Equine therapy is physio for horses, it combines bioptron light, tens machine, manipulation, massage and advice on exercise and injury rehabilitation.

Electrical Stimulation

Chronic pain causes muscle tension. It is very exhausting for the body. This will lead to muscle atrophy, (wasting away of muscles).
Electrical stimulation is applied using a TENS machine. Electrodes are applied to the skin and a low-voltage intermittent stimulation is applied to the nerves. When a motor nerve is torn, crushed, bruised or stretched the muscles cannot contract. As the muscle loses elasticity the muscle begins to atrophy, (reduce in size). The muscle soon will not be able to recover to it's full strength if this condition persists. The horse then sets up a compensation by taking the weight or workload off the injured muscle.

The Effects of Electricial Stimulation

It can be used as an assessment tool. Often when you place the electrodes on the back and hindquarters, evenly on both sides, one side of the muscle may contract and the other side will not. This can help us locate weak muscles, damages muscles and muscles that are working too hard.

Electrical stimulation applied to acupuncture points is very effective and no invasive. It will minimizes pain signals but will not block the pain signals completely out. The body's natural pain killers (endorphins), will be released.

It is very effective in reducing muscle tension and spasms. It does this by increasing circulation, bringing oxygen to the muscle fibers so they can relax and become more functional. I think it is more effective than using massage techniques when treating old strained and pulled muscles. It really wakes the muscles up.

Human athletes can exercise isolated muscles but horses cannot. This is why electrical stimulation is very important after injury and surgery. Evidence has shown that electrical stimulation produces greater strength gains than voluntary exercise.

Tens unit on the back muscles
Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging helps locate back pain, joint pain, feet pain, and muscle pain.


Bioptron Colour Therapy

You can use different coloured lens to stimulate different responses in the body and remove energy blockages from an acupressure meridian. It works on an emotional level and physical level. Each different colour has a different effect on the body. E.g purple is used for bruising and swelling. Blue is used for inflammation. Yellow is good for nerve damage. Green for healing of muscles and ligaments and also strengthening muscles. This is only a short list of the possible effects colours can have on the body.
The Bioptron light can be hired out from Rachel Harford, please call or email for prices and availability - 0274863014  094265424
Bioptron is not like a laser. The Bioptron light encompasses a wide bandwidth and transfers less energy. It will not cause damage to the skin or eyes. The energy produced is similar to the sun, except the UV rays are eliminated. Lasers are limited to a narrow bandwidth and transfer high amounts of energy. They can cause damage if not properly used. The Bioptron light unit looks like a hair dyer. It is made in Switzerland and has been available overseas since 1988 but has only been available in New Zealand since 1999. It is being used in the medical field, especially in Guys Hospital in London. It can be used on humans and animals. The Bioptron light produces a linear polarised light which is produced by refraction of natural light through a system of crystal mirrors.


Bioptron light - compact version


The Effects of Polarised Light On Cells

  • Light from the Bioptron has a biostimulative effect on the cells of the body thus activating and regenerating blood and blood cells.
  • The polarised electromagnetic waves act by adjusting cell functions and bring energy back to the cell so the repair process can begin.
  • It activates the body's own powers of self-healing and regeneration so the healing of injuries can be speed up.
  • It reduces pain, inflammation, swelling, scar formation and allergic reactions.
  • It improves blood flow to an area.
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