Saddle Fitting Balance
After the saddle has been placed in the correct position on your's horses back, you can then evaluate the saddle's pommel and cantle relationship. The pommel is the top front of the saddle at its highest point. The cantle is the top back of the saddle at its highest point. In general, most saddles, jumping, general purpose and dressage are designed in balance so that the point of the cantle is higher than that of the pommel. Examining the saddle on the horse's back, we want to ensure that the cantle is higher than the pommel. A pommel that is level with, or higher than, the cantle reveals problems.
a) the angle of the saddle's tree points, under the pommel are too narrow.
b) the saddle's panels which lie directly on the horse's back, require more wool to bring the cantle into the proper balanced position.
c)proper saddle placement was not followed correctly.

outbalanceCody's Saddle 004



You need to sit on the yellow dot not the black dot. When the saddle balance is correct you will sit closer to the withers on the yellow dot. When the saddle is out of balance you will sit on the black dot. The horse cannot support your weight this far back.

Incorrect saddle balance can be avoided. It is a leading cause of back pain. In various cases behavioral issues will develop if the problem is not addressed. Rachel see's a lot of horses and ponies that buck and find canter strike off difficult. This is generally corrected by changing the saddle balance so the rider's seat bones are not digging into the horse's back and following up with therapy treatment.


Albion Style Ultra Dressage - good balance

Trainer GP- two different model. Good balanced saddle and bad balanced saddle.       

Picture 182bii1

The narrow gullet is pinching the horses withers. It is also lifting the front of the pommel, and creating too much clearance. The seat is too far back.




Wintec saddle with good balance